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Example of a Database activity in Moodle, a great tool to collect and organise resources by course participants. In this case, we ask to share great resources on water. Very customisable, searchable.

Found a great document, website, video, calculator, game, podcast or something else on the internet on the topic of use and conservation of freshwater.

Why not share it with others? They will share it with you...

Post the link and describe the source a little - a few sentences could make a huge difference to others.

Thanks ! cool

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Water at home Field Trip to 'Stink Farm'

Database is a very versatile tool. Here it allows the teacher AND students to upload field trip photos and gather comments to check for understanding. Using a Photo Gallery preset saves a lot clicking and setting up by the teacher too.

EXTRA: Students can blog their reflections JUST about this activity by associating their blog with it. Great for collecting feedback, reflections, invitations ...

I have uploaded a few photos of the key parts of the water treatment plant (or 'The Stink Farm' as you callled it) we visited last Wednesday.

I saw you many of you taking photos there too with your cameras and phones. How about sharing them? Just 'Add Entry'! and tell us a little about the image - what is it and why did you take it.

Browse the photos, read and add comments to see what stuck in our minds, made us think, pinch our nose from the smell :D :D

Extra: Write a quick blog entry about this activity and the whole excursion. What did you think about it? Things you liked? Things you didn't like? .... See Blog Menu, thanks.

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