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Mr Sanders says ...

This is an example of a News Forum - a single, automatically added one-way noticeboard for announcements by the course teacher(s). Like most things in Moodle, it can be renamed.

Hi class.

This is where I am going to post important news, notices and instructions. Please always check this space ...


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Frequently used items Course Forum

This is an example of a Standard Forum, most commonly used type of Moodle forum. By default, any participant can start and reply to conversations in here.

Welcome to our Course Forum.

Anyone can start, join, reply to a conversation here. To get us going see my 'First Post' for details.

Simple ...

Water at home DANGER !

Forum activity in one of its five types. This time, the teacher is using a 'Q and A' forum type to ask a question that students have to reply to BEFORE seeing other people's responses. The question is a trick but the use of Moodle forum ... very realistic indeed to encourage original thinking.

Which door?


Mr Gibson from Maths department has asked me to challenge you all together with this little brain teaser. Try to solve it together - more heads know more than one!

You are a contestant on a TV game show. Before you are three closed doors. One of them hides a customised, freely-installed ...

Water around the world Find and rate the most awesome project

This is an example of 'Each person posts one discussion' Forum. While each person can only post one discussion, they can reply to any others. Great for introductions, reflections or presentations like this, here with the added feature of post ratings.


Over thousands of years, people have done ...